About Us

Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone was named as Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone in the area whose planning was approved by Gebze Municipality in 1991, with a large area of ​​Industrial Zone and partly Housing Zone on a 1200-decare land in the Güzeller Region to the north of Gebze. Its purpose is to provide the industrial investments needed by our country by controlling the unplanned and scattered industrial investments in and around Gebze, together with Istanbul, the largest metropolis of Turkey, within the framework of a certain planning and moreover, with the opportunities provided by the Organized Industrial Zones Law.

International Investments

  • America Chicago Turkish Trade Center Project

Domestic Investments

  • Gebze Güzeller Organized Industrial Zone
  • School and Education Projects
  • Solar Energy Project
  • Waste Water Treatment Plant Project

Social responsibility projects

  • Planting 1,000 saplings for nature
  • 14 meter Atatürk statue